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Steven Sampson, a white FDNY EMT worker, lied about a Christmas attack in where he claimed Black men robbed him of a cache of gifts he had for his family. Sampson, allegedly a Black belt in Judo, lied about subduing the men with his martial arts moves and getting stabbed in the process according to police.

The New York Post grabbed hold of the story along with other major outlets, with the Post referring to the faux thieves as “thugs” ahead of Sampson’s story falling apart. Apparently, Sampson tripped himself up a few times in telling his story that nobody believes what he has to say.

In Sampson’s earlier account to CBS News, he said that early Christmas morning around 2 a.m. ET, four masked men approached him and said the words, “Hey Cracker, we’re going to take your sh*t” ahead of their scuffle. Sampson claimed he put one of the thieves in an armbar and heard his arm pop before one of them stabbed him and ran off.

As reported by the New York Daily News, Sampson changed his story so many times that he officially decided to take away the statement to the NYPD. Cops charged Sampson with providing a false statement and he was issued a desk appearance ticket.

Sampson’s wife claimed that the robbing and stabbing did happen after being pressed by Daily News reporters. Sampson has yet to make a formal statement.

Photo: CBS News screengrab