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A White man assumed to be a Trump supporter was seen getting tortured on Facebook Live. The video is now being called the “Black Lives Matter Kidnapping.”

Late Wednesday a video surfaced a man getting tortured on Facebook Live. This disgusting act went viral in real time. Much attention was given to how the torturers were making anti-Trump remarks as they fingered the victim’s open wounds and watched him squirm with duct tape over his mouth.

The video was linked to an account belonging to a woman named¬†Brittany Herring, but the video quickly started being called a “Black Lives Matter Kidnapping.”

This isn’t completely shocking. Black Lives Matter has become a lightning rod for false blame over the past year. Everything from arson to Chicago’s crime rate has been blamed on Black Lives Matter in recent months.

Some people have already seen through the false narrative that this had something to do with the civil rights organization, but plenty of Americans are choosing to believe that this attack was promoted by them.

Chicago police have arrested the four people who took part in the attack. The two men and two women are all 18 years old.

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