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Charlie Sheen might want to delete all his social media accounts because he just stirred the hornets’ nest by throwing a jab a Rihanna. The pair previously feuded after Rih-Rih reportedly shaded Sheen’s ex-fiance, and apparently he’s still bitter about the diss.

Sheen and actor Craig Robinson were guests on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with host Andy Cohen. When Cohen read a fan’s inquiry whether or not Sheen squashed the beef with Rihanna, his answer quickly showed that old feuds die hard.

“Oh, that bitch,” said Sheen in response, with Cohen saying he’s made the beef worse. “She abandoned common courtesy and common sense.”

Some fans might remember that in 2014, Sheen and his then-fiance porn star Brett Rossi (Scottie Sheen) were out at dinner and Sheen tried to facilitate a meet and greet between the ladies. Rihanna’s team refused the gesture, to which an angry Sheen took to Twitter and attempted to blast her. Of course, being the queen of petty that she is, Rihanna stood her ground and fired back with a dig of her own.

Pretty sure this means more memes and tweets are set to be fired up. Rest in peace to Charlie Sheen’s mentions. Peep the video below.

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