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Public Enemy frontman Chuck D has always been one of the more thought-provoking voices in the world. But are we ready for his latest suggestion?

Every time a Black celebrity shows up at the Trump Tower to meet with the next President of the United States, Donald Trump, the immediate reaction is to drag them. Kanye West, Ray Lewis, Jim Brown and Steve Harvey have all caught the wrath of Black Twitter. Even T.I. and D.L. Hughley have voiced their strong opinions on Black celebrities meeting with Trump and getting used in the process.

While some find it absolutely deplorable to meet with Trump, some feel that it is necessary to have at least some kind of a rapport with the man who will be running the country.

Chuck D sounds like he is leaning towards the latter. TMZ writes that Chuck feels that people should back off of Black celebrities who are meeting with Trump, but only if they go into the meeting with an agenda, not just for a photo op.

Per TMZ:

Chuck D doesn’t think people should be going after Steve Harvey for rubbing elbows withDonald Trump … because he thinks it’s vital to have someone keeping tabs on the Prez-elect.

The leader of Public Enemy tells TMZ … certain members of the black community need to sit face-to-face with any perceived adversary so they can find out what’s really going down with the new administration … and let everyone else know.

On the flip side, Chuck says it’s great so many artists and entertainers are protesting this year’s inauguration … but it doesn’t have to be everybody.

Translation — we gotta stick together for the next 4 years … but having an inside man or 2 will only help the cause

Chuck D’s perspective sounds similar to the plot of The Spook Who Sat By The Door where a former CIA agent took everything he learned and taught it to gangs in Chicago to fight the government. Or maybe, the “How To Be The Black Friend” chapter in Baratunde Thurston’s 2012 book How To Be Black where he suggests that Black people with only White friends can report back to us what they are really thinking.

How do you feel about Chuck D’s stance?