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ESPN First Take co-host Max Kellerman tried to compare the LeBron James and Charles Barkley spat to when Jay Z dropped “The Takeover” and Nas responded with “Ether.”

Keyword: “tried.”

Earlier this morning, Kellerman, who for most accounts is a respectable Hip-Hop head, said that LeBron “ethered” Barkley when he finally responded to his years of criticism. But, he feels that Barkley, like Jay, won the “battle” because he struck first and made you believe what he said.

Per Kellerman:

“When Nas went back at Jay Z with “Ether,” ether became a verb, you “ethered” somebody. When LeBron went at Chuck, everybody was like “he ehtered him,” just left him in flames. Here’s the difference and why I think Jay Z won that. I think “The Takeover” beat “Ether,” how you like that? Here’s why I think Charles Barkley beat LeBron. Because, whether or not it was true, when Jay said it, it sure sounded true about Nas, right?”

Amidst a round of boos from the crowd and some staredowns from co-host Stephen A. Smith and guest Deion Sanders, Kellerman went on provide some murky logic. He likened Jay Z’s admission to using Nas’ line “and making it a hot song” to Charles admitting his own flaws, including never winning a championship, but still putting the “truth” out there about Nas.

Kellerman’s argument started off strong, but lost steam as he started trying to explain it. Watch for yourself below.

Also, is this what’s up in 2017? Using rap battles as analogies for athletes sparring in the media? Guess Kellerman is #fortheculture. He’s known for using the ESPN platform to get his Hip-Hop views across. Remember, it was his remarks on Sportsnation that sparked off the Action Bronson versus Ghostface Killah beef.


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