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A new poll says that the majority of the country already wants Barack Obama back as President.

A report from Public Policy Polling revealed that 52 percent of Americans want Obama back while only 43 percent of Americans were happy to see Trump in the highest office in the land. The survey also says that 40 percent of the country wants to see President Donald Trump impeached, already.

But Obama seems to be enjoying white sand instead of the White House.

Barack and Michelle Obama were spotted in the British Virgin Islands, specifically Necker Island, which is owned by billionaire Richard Branson. The couple was in full chill mode with sandals, sunglasses and beach bags. Obama was even rocking his hat backward with shades on which is the uniform of “no f*cks given.”

To paraphrase Rick Pitino’s classic rant, “Obama isn’t walking through that door, folks.”

Photo: Screenshot