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Not all heroes wear capes, but having impressive speed and hops can help. A protester daringly snatched down the Confederate flag some jerk had in tow, on live television.

It went down in South Carolina, and the brother seen running and leaping across the screen was a Black Lives Matter leader.

Reports WCSC:

A protest outside a lecture in downtown Charleston got a bit tense today when a protester jumped a barricade and attempted to snatch a Confederate flag away from a man. 

The Charleston Police Department charged Muhiyidin Moye with disorderly conduct in the incident. Moye is the leader of Black Lives Matter in Charleston. 

The whole thing was caught live on television when a man is seen running across the street and attempting to take away a Confederate flag from another man. 

Brittany “Bree” Newsome, the woman who climbed and took down a Confederate flag at the South Carolina State House in 2015, was speaking at the Sottile Theatre. The incident occurred outside where members of the Secessionist party were standing, including the man holding the Confederate flag. Which is racist, but he declined to read the memo.

“It’s a soldier’s flag and South Carolina lost a quarter of our male population, that’s what that flag represents to us. Black, white, Hispanic, all colors served under that flag so to make it a racial thing is ingenuous,” James Bessinger told WCSC.

Yeah, okay.

Peep  Muhiyidin Moye take flight for the culture below. It’s mesmerizing.

Watch the full clip on the flip.

Photo: screen cap

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