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Another aggressive cop is in the news. This time it’s an Anaheim, Calif. police officer who reportedly manhandled a 13-year old boy and nearly shot his father, on their lawn.

Video has surfaced of what reports are saying is an off-duty police officer getting into an altercation with a group of teenagers. When the video starts, the officer can be seen apprehending a young boy. Reports have stated that the boy was confronting the officer for calling a young girl a name for walking across his lawn.

Other teens and neighbors surround the officer, asking what’s going on and at one point one of the teens charges the officer while another punches him.

That’s when the cop began tugging at the boy, pulling him over a bush. Then he brandished his weapon and let off a round.

Protestors have taken to the streets demanding accountability.

Anaheim police have acknowledged the videos of the altercation, but claim that they can not be trusted because they don’t show the entire context of what happened. They have also deflected angry calls from residents, telling them that their calls will not do anything and to wait on the district attorney’s office to get involved.

Story developing.

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