Vic Mensa was caught riding with a gun, but with the wrong permit.

Vic Mensa may want to consider spending less time in Beverly Hills. The Chicago-rapper was recently arrested and booked on a felony count of carrying a concealed weapon.

TMZ reports that Mensa was pulled over for running through a stop sign and having tinted windows. When he informed the police officer that he had a gun, and permit in the car. Right move, wrong paperwork though. Come to find out, Mensa did not have his concealed carry permit for California in the car, but rather one for another state.

Mensa was arrested and taken to jail. He spent the night behind bars before posting $35,000 for bail.

This incident comes just months after Mensa claimed that he was being racially profiled by Beverly Hills police after shopping at Barney’s. In this incident, Mensa had just spent $4,000 at the store but was accused of stealing by another store owner. Police stopped him and his entourage to question them and found that they had receipts for everything.

Photo: Screenshot

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