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After waiting weeks to drop a diss track to reply to Remy Ma, Nicki Minaj is now upping the ante. She is challenging Remy to drop a hit song in 72 and book a show or interview without mentioning her.

Nicki started off replying to Remy Ma’s “ShETHER” by talking slick on Instagram initially. Now she is bringing it full circle. In a post made earlier today, Nicki insisted that her diss reply took longer than many would have liked because she moves on “Queen time.” She also insisted that the greats took up to three months to reply. Adding to that, she called Remy “Shenehneh.”

But the biggest insult is her offering $500,000 for Remy to pull off the feat. So, if Remy does pull this off, Nicki can still say she just threw some of her money at her.


She also disabled the comments for her post to keep the expected flood of slander off the page.

To many, the battle is already over. Nicki took too long to reply by modern standards. Then Remy shot herself in the foot by dropping a lackluster follow-up diss and then later saying she “wasn’t proud” of the diss. Adding insult to injury, “ShETHER” can’t even be played on the radio or found on most internet sites anymore.