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Sony wants to capitalize on that Marvel gravy train and have just announced that they’re aiming for an October 5, 2018 release date for popular Spider-Man villain Venom. Huh?

According to The Hollywood Reporter , Sony thinks it’s a good idea to resurrect the long dead idea of giving Spider-Man’s arch-rival his own film. This despite the last time we saw Venom, Topher Grace all but buried the character with his performance in the lackluster Sam Raimi film Spider-Man 3.

Even though Sony has set a release date and have a script and a few producers lined up for the movie, many questions about Venom are still unanswered. Who’s going to star? Who’s going to direct? Will it be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that Spider-Man: Homecoming is currently a part of?

If the answer to that last one is no then Sony might as well make Venom a part of Donald Trump’s current American Health Care Act bill because it’s going to be dead on arrival. We’re doubling down on that last statement if Sony brings back Topher Grace to resurrect his role as Spider-Man’s greatest and most popular villain, too.

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