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T.I. had to have a talk with a grown man who ran up on him while pumping his gas asking for a photo.

T.I. is famous and easy to recognize. So when he steps out in public, he doesn’t get much time to just be to himself. This includes random, low-key visits to the gas station.

In a video that is starting to circulate online, T.I. can be seen trying to do something normal like pump his gas. But as he is doing so a man approaches him to take a photo with him. It appears that T.I. obliges for the first photo. But when the man continues to take pictures, T.I. begins to run hot.

“How many selfies you gon’ take,” he asks the man.

From there T.I. gives the fan [we think] and lecture about just how many selfies a grown ass man is allowed to take at one time. Judging from the video, it appears that that the limit is between one and three. T.I. alleges that the guilty party took six.

The man accuses T.I. of trying to get into some “gangsta sh*t” to which T.I. replies that he’s just kicking some “grown man sh*t.” As the video goes on, T.I. finds himself surrounded by other “fans.” The whole time, the person filming the ordeal is giving her sideline commentary, still not leaving T.I. alone either.

At one point T.I. talked about as fast as Twista raps. That’s when you know a man wants his space.

Looks like none of these people in the video actually paid attention to what Tip was saying in his song “You Don’t Know Me.”

PSA to “fans” out there. If you see your favorite celebrity at the gas station, please allow them to have that few seconds to themselves.