More of Tupac’s personal belongings have hit the auction block. This time his nose stud, prison ID and even his Koran is up for sale.

TMZ is reporting that the Brooklyn-based Black Heritage Auction is planning to sell off an assortment of Tupac’s personal items this Friday, April 7, which also happens to be the day that ‘Pac will be enshrined in Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. BHA is hoping to get a lot of money for the cache judging from the prices of the items.

Thirty-nine items are up for sale, among them are:

All Eyez On Me tracklist [$30k]

All Eyez On Me Book II CD master [$20k]

Nose stud from the cover of All Eyez On Me [ $7.5k]

New York Prisoner Identification Card [$10k]

Personal signed Koran [$30k]

Famous Dolce & Gabbana wool jacket [$7.5k]

Lyrics for “Wonda Why They Call U Bitch” [$15k]

They are even selling the bullet struck gold and diamond medallion he was wearing when he was fatally shot in Las Vegas for $38,000

Lawyers for Tupac’s estate are threatening to sue BHA for the auction, but reps say they will continue with the auction even though they never contacted the estate, because they feel they obtained the items legally.

This is the lastest in a long line of Tupac memorabilia that has popped up on auction blocks since the passing of ‘Pac’s mother Afeni Shakur who was solely responsible for protecting her son’s image. The lawyers who are now in charge of the operation have insisted that the estate is in good hands. In the months since her death, hand-written song lyrics and automobiles owned by Pac have gone up for sale as well. Granted, ‘Pac memorabilia has been getting sold for years after his death, but now, it seems like we spot a new auction every month.


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