Chicago police have arrested a 14-year old boy for his role in a rape that was streamed on Facebook Live.

CPD officials are also looking for another 15-year old suspected in taking part in the gang rape of a teenaged girl. Reports state that the girl had gone missing between the dates March 19 and 21. When she was found she was taken to a local children’s hospital. Information about her being raped during that time period did not surface until screenshots of the video began circulating. People who knew the girl were bullying and teasing her with the photos. That’s when her mother confronted Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson at a neighborhood meeting, showing him the screenshots.

When the video was broadcast it had as many as 40 viewers. None of them went to police to report what they saw.

“It just disgusts me that people could look at those videos and not pick up the phone and dial 911,” Johnson said at a news conference on Sunday. “It makes me wonder, where are we going, what are we doing as a society?”

The victim is having a hard time communicating what happened due to the trauma of being raped by as many as six people, on top of being cyber-bullied afterwards. The 14-year-old suspect faces a host of juvenile charges including aggravated criminal sexual assault.

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