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Carrying around $48,000 in cash in a plastic bag, in The Bronx, is an invitation to the fade. A man learned this the hard way when he got assaulted by two men who made off with $21,500 of his dough. 

Reports Gothamist:

The incident took place around 12:45 p.m. on March 8th, across from 3046 Buhre Avenue in Pelham Bay. According to the NYPD, the victim, 27, was walking with a plastic bag mysteriously full of $48,000 in cash, when a man approached him and ripped the bag out of hands, sending fat stacks flying everywhere. As the victim and this man struggled, police say a second person punched the victim as the first assailant grabbed as much cash as he could carry.

The two muggers fled the scene with about $21,500. Video shows the assault and robbery—you can see the victim trying to fight off the suspects as the money falls to the sidewalk…

In the clip you see the thief grab the bag then try to run off, only to trip on the curb and fall. The victim tussles with the struggle mugger, and handles his own, while cash falls on the ground.

This is when the other man rolled up and contributed to the fade, while the first guy grabs as much loot as he can.

The question everyone is surely asking—why were you walking around with $48K, son? The cops are looking for the two suspects.

If they’re smart, they relocated out of NYC. Don’t bank on it, though.

See what we did there?

Photo: screen cap

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