People love Kendrick Lamar‘s words so much that they cling on to each one that comes out of his mouth.

With DAMN. just turning one week old, fans and hungry content consumers are already asking Kendrick Lamar for more music. Well, actually, they were asking for more music .28 seconds after listening to DAMN. for the first time. Despite numerous conspiracy theories, there was no second album and it doesn’t look like he’s dropping another one for his second Coachella set either.

But, while he was in his hometown Compton signing copies of the new album at Best Buy, Kendrick made a rare appearance on Instagram Live to talk to his fans. He thanked them for their support and he uttered, “I got some more music.”

Now, “I got some more music” could have just slipped out of his mouth because that is what rappers are programmed to say whenever a camera is shoved in their face. Or, he could simply be saying that he does have more music in the context of DAMN. not being the final recording of his career. But for now, fans are taking it to mean that he’s going to be dropping some more music soon. Perhaps in a similar fashion to the untitled unmastered EP. DJ Kid Kapri, who is featured on DAMN. says that there are a gang of loosies laying around, so we may get to hear some of them sooner than we think.

Check out Kendrick make the claim in the video below around the 21-minute mark.


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