Seems like R. Kelly, “Pied piper of R&B,” is about to find out that his flute playing has consequences.

Deputy sheriff, Kenny Bryant from Hinds County, Miss. has filed a lawsuit against R. Kelly claiming that the Chicago crooner not only laid with his wife on multiple occasions, but ultimately ended up giving her chlamydia.

Yahoo is reporting that the officer’s wife, Asia Childress, confessed to having slept with Kelly before they tied the knot in July of 2012, and then again three months after the fact when she went to see R. Kelly in concert.

According to the lawsuit, “Childress was treated for chlamydia during this time period. Childress contracted this sexual disease from her extramarital relationship with R. Kelly.”

Bryant then says that his wife convinced him to relocate to Atlanta to pursue her career, but only ended up hooking up with The R. on his tour at nearby states. To makes matter worse, the move put a strain on his finances as he wasn’t able to find a 9-to-5 after the big move.

Eventually, Childress asked for a divorce for which Bryant blamed R. Kelly’s “blatant disregard for Bryant’s and Childress’s vows.”

The deputy sheriff claims that the entire ordeal caused him to suffer “emotional, psychological, and financial loss.”

All we can say is “wow” and this is a woman who sacrificed everything for a has-been superstar whose career was derailed when a pee-pee tape exposed him as an alleged pedophile. “Jake” is probably better off.

Maybe this whole situation will be the inspiration to one of Kell’s upcoming “Trapped In The Closet” chapters. Minus mention of the clap of course.


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