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Why is it that celebrities tend to stiff their assistants and managers out of their agreed upon pay?

Rihanna’s ex, allegedly, and Kylie Jenner’s current boo, Travis Scott is the latest in a long line of entertainers to have ex-managers take ’em to court for unpaid royalties.

TMZ is reporting that his old management team over at Lyor Cohen’s LCAR is alleging that they’ve been stiffed out of $2 million.

LCAR says Scott signed a 3-year agreement with them back in October of 2014 which netted them 15% of everything he makes in entertainment. However, since then have only been paid $37,000.

The management company says they’ve tried to collect their unpaid money but only received a letter from Travis’ lawyers saying their services were no longer needed.

Sources close to Scott say that after signing with LCAR, Travis still felt like he was managing his own career while his new management team did nothing but stand idly by.

Whether or not Travis has a legitimate reason as to why he withheld payment from his old management team, it’s beginning to look like Kylie Jenner is once again about to take on the role of the sugar mama in the relationship.

Photo: Getty Images