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Are you ready for the latest trend in men’s fashion? Looks like men’s rompers are coming out this summer.

Ladies, how would you react if your man walked in the house rocking a romper? Guys, how would act if one of your boys came over with a six-pack wearing a romper? Well, it looks like some of you may be finding out this summer.

Aced Design created a Kickstarter campaign to fund their RompHim short set. Yes, it is pronounced “romp him.” It combines a tailored collarless shirt with structured shorts and an adjustable waist. It comes in summertime colors like pink chambray, blue chambray, Easter egg green and splatter-print cotton. They asked for $10,000 and got $42,000. So obviously someone wants this.

Once the RompHims hit production they will be going for between $90 and $119.

Twitter is already planning a roast for any man caught wearing one of these this summer. Can you envision any Hip-Hop artists trying to be the first to pull this off?

Young Dro has already snapped a flick of himself wearing something similar.

Photo: Kickstarter Screenshot

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