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Migos reportedly threw fits and refused to be too close to drag queens during what is already looked at as an awkward SNL appearance.

Well, Migos‘ PR team should have fun with this one. A report has got out saying that the trio refused to appear alongside drag queens that were scheduled to be a part of Perry’s performance. The report originally appeared on World Of Wonder, a website affiliated with RuPaul, but has been deleted. Unfortunately for Migos, the internet is already running with the rumors as a law.

Uproxx cites the original WOW article that had three separate accounts of what happened at SNL that led to the drag queens being nixed from the performance. Each of them said Migos expressed they felt uncomfortable with them being there.

This wouldn’t be a big deal if the Migos didn’t already have a history of being accused of being homophobic. First, there was the time they said that rapper Makkonnen coming out as a gay rapper wasn’t “right.” Then there was the time they said they would never perform at a gay club. Then there was the time they said the couldn’t be homophobic because they have a song with Frank Ocean. Internet sleuths are also pointing out how the drag queens are sitting as far as possible from Migos at the table scene of the performance.

Looks like the Migos just can’t get out of this anti-gay shadow that has been cast over them.

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