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Chance The Rapper is easily one of Hip-Hop’s most charismatic acts and has used his platform to advance change in his native Chicago. While Chance has the pulse of the people and probably has the ability to run for office one day, he doesn’t think politics as a career will figure in his future.

Chano sat down with EBONY  for a brief chat and is featured on the magazine’s June issue as the cover story. Among the topics covered in the interview, Chance’s epic career trajectory was examined along with his activism and support of Chicago schools. The Coloring Book artist’s effectiveness in raising $2.2 million for the city’s schools prompted some to think he’d be fit for public office but Chance isn’t having any of that.


“I would never run for any office or government position,” he says plainly after cracking a smile. “I’m not into it. I think politics is a reason why a lot of stuff doesn’t get done. There’s a lot of favors, and a lot of people are held back by their intentions of being re-elected or the things that they owe their party or constituents. I think when you’re in my position as an artist, I can say what I want and talk about the issues that matter.”

The full interview can be found in EBONY‘s June 2017 issue.