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Longtime ESPN reporter and NFL analyst John Clayton has been let go, making him the latest high-profile personality to be sent home.

ESPN has been on a firing spree since late-April with may recognizable figures getting the axe. The latest is John Clayton. Clayton was known for his nerdy appearance and even nerdier analysis of the NFL’s players and games. But now, it seems like his talents are no longer valuable at the four-letter network as they continue to adjust to how people consume sports media. In recent years, there have been more players and coaches taking the place of “experts” who never played the game. Also, it seems that more viewers are into debates than stats.

Stephen A. Smith’s name has come up again as a person that should’ve been fired instead. It doesn’t look like he is going to clap back at his haters again today though.

Just like the day ESPN fired 100 people about a month ago, people are reacting on Twitter with shock and suggestions of who should have been let go instead.

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