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If you’re going to roll around with a gun, at least have the proper paperwork. Wale‘s bodyguard is probably considering this since he’s been charged with illegal gun possession in Boston.

Actually, that’s just the start of the struggle because said bodyguard is also on parole.

Reports The Boston Globe:

A bodyguard for the rapper Wale was arrested Sunday for allegedly carrying a loaded firearm near a downtown Boston nightclub. He was already on parole in connection with a Washington, D.C., murder case, a prosecutor said.

The bodyguard, identified as 45-year-old Eric Miller, appeared in Boston Municipal Court Tuesday where he pleaded not guilty to charges that included unlawful possession of a firearm and possession of a large-capacity feeding device.

Hey, maybe Mr. Miller wanted to get out of DC for a while, and thus embarked on The Shine Tour holding Wale down. We hope he let his parole officer know, though.

Miller’s bail was set at $50,000.