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Lil Yachty is being accused of jacking the hook of his song “Pic A Boo” from rapper Memphis Ash.

How many cardinal sins in Hip-Hop is Lil Yachty going to be found guilty of? After catching hell for not knowing his history and then literally not knowing what he’s talking about, the Atlanta rapper is now being accused of jacking.

Rapper Memphis Ash is accusing the artist also known as Lil Boat of jacking his song “Pikachu” for his track “Peek A Boo.”

Per release from Memphis Ash PR team:

A copyright infringement was filed just over a week ago naming Lil Yachty and collaborating artists, Migos, for their blockbuster hit, “Peek A Boo.”. The accusation is that the artists copied independent Memphis rapper’s hook and verse from a song entitled “Pikachue Peekaboo” that Memphis released last year.

“The infringement occurs at several places within the lnfringing Work – directly lifting both the Original Work’s verse and hook (masked by a lyric and tempo change) – without permission.” the document states.

The infringement paperwork was filed in an effort to claim royalties Memphis’ manager felt were owed but the plaintiff had received no word from Yachty’s team after the 10-day deadline had passed. They say the next step will be attempts to remove “Peek A Boo” from iTunes and other music retail outlets.

Memphis Ash was featured in HipHopWired’s Certified Fresh in 2015. Similar to Yachty, Ash build his fanbase online by sharing songs via social media.

Listen to the two tracks below and see if you hear any similarities.