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Dwight Howard just may be an Oracle. 

The former NBA All-Star, Defensive Player of the Year and one-time legitimate MVP candidate got traded from his hometown Atlanta Hawks after playing just one season for them. Trades happen all of the time, but this one is newsworthy not just because he pretty much got traded for a bag of chips and a glass of water, but because it happened less than ten minutes after he asked fans on Twitter what they thought of NBA trade rumors about other guys.

Spears would later correct his tweet to say “Hornets” instead of “Bobcats.” What’s even crazier is that both the Atlanta Hawks and Charlotte Hornets Twitter accounts engaged in some shenanigans earlier today as well.

Dwight Howard has been the butt of many basketball related jokes in recent years, but this is by far the biggest one. He is currently receiving the roasting he so deserves.