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Courvoisier has partnered with A$AP Rocky to launch its new Honor Your Code campaign. Starting today (June 21), the Harlem rapper will be appearing in print and digital ads to push and market the brand. 

Courvoisier takes pride in controlling its entire production process from the grapes all the way down to sipping the finished product out of your glass, and Honor Your Code seeks to celebrate the knowledge picked up and ideas fostered while living your life.

“I think your code is equivalent to your standards and your morals. It’s whatever you believe in. And you should always stand by and honor what you believe in,” said A$AP Rocky via a press statement. “Courvoisier’s commitment to quality, old-school production methods, design and art speaks to me.”

Check out some ads below and on the flip featuring Lord Pretty Flacko Jodye getting his sophistication on.

Photos: Courtesy of Courvoisier

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