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Today the rapper known as Shyne learned around 2:30 p.m. that he will be given the minimum in regards to his parole, according to his attorney, Oscar Michelen.  Through an interview with HipHopDX, Michelen informed all of the conditions and arrangements made as it pertained to his parole release.

“He gave him two-and-a-half [years], which was the minimum. The D.A. had requested the maximum, five years… [Shyne] got a chance to address the court today. He did address the court and asked court to consider not giving him any post release supervision at all. But the court said that it was obligated to do so. And [the judge] pointed out that he agreed with our argument [and so] he’s gonna give us the minimum… And we’re just thankful that the court read our sentencing memorandums and agreed with our position. We now wait for his release, which should be October 6th.”

Some may question why the sentence is coming now, especially since the rapper has already served 8 _ of his 10 required years.  Michelen explained that when he was sentenced in March 2001, he wasn’t given a parole sentence which was actually mandatory.  As a result, the Correction Department made a request for the court to re-sentence him.

Life behind bars has caused a change in the rapper.  Spiritually, the man once known as Jamel Barrow has now become a devout Orthodox Jew and changed his name to Moses Michael Leviy.

Initial fears came from the client and his attorney if Shyne were given the full five year parole term it would limit him from making rounds and even making a consideration to music as he would not be allowed to leave the state of New York and he would have constant surveillance on him as he would have to be given permission to engage in most activities as an artist.  He will, however, still have particular restrictions to deal with after his release in October, according to Michelen.

“[The] parole [board] will decide [any restrictions],” he noted. “The usual parameters are you can’t leave the state without prior permission. If you change your address you have to give them notice. You can be randomly drug tested. They could even search your home randomly without notice. And the most important [parameter of parole] is if you were to commit a crime, or get re-arrested for anything, you can face jail for the full two-and-a-half years of your PRS [post release supervision].”

Although the last thing that might be in the mind of Shyne is music, there have been rumors that he has been in talks with Jay-Z to be yet another recruit for his new Roc Nation imprint.  The rapper allegedly went to speak with Shyne last Friday to discuss the possibility of him signing.  Nothing has been confirmed from this rumor, however.

Shyne has been incarcerated since his involvement in a shooting on December 27, 1999 at Club New York.  At the time he was under the Bad Boy label and was in the company of then Puff Daddy and his former girlfriend Jennifer Lopez.  Although there seems to be no need for worry or retaliation, Shyne has stated that he knows his former boss had a hand in him living behind bars and snitched on him in some form.