Snapchat has shown tremendous growth due high-profile users like DJ Khaled. Nicki Minaj has decided to join the social media service, but the Queens rapper needed a little assistance in using the network from her fans.

Nicki Minaj posted her arrival to the Snapchat world on Sunday via Instagram, a place where she commands the attention of nearly 82 million followers. After asking her supporters how to make a Snap, the response to the question was robust as expected.

Minaj took to Twitter where she had a better handle on things and shared with the 21 million users who follow her on the struggles she was having. After a few jokes from fans and the like, one user eventually showed Minaj how to post a photo in a detailed fashion and went on happily about her Snap business. However, she didn’t completely lock down her account and got a barrage of messages that left her wanting to get away from the service for a bit.

Check out some of the chatter below and on the following pages regarding Nicki Minaj’s first day on Snapchat.


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