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Chance The Rapper once again proves to be the people’s Hip-Hop champion.

Just last year Chance The Rapper took to social media to announce that he was on the lookout for an intern to help him with his daily grind and was accepting application from any and everyone who was interested in the gig.

Negele Hospedales saw an opportunity before him and according to Page Six decided to create a cover letter in the form of a website (clever as heck). Sure enough, the stroke of genius made the Grammy Award-winning rapper make a double-take and take notice to the Australian bartender.

More than a year later and Hospedales posted a piece on his blog titled “Here is how to work for your favorite rapper” which details his thoughts and feelings through his various experiences stating, “you’ll want to tell your friends everything, yet you physically won’t be able to tell them about the moments of which words won’t muster meaning, nor the aspects that encapsulated the experience because you still can’t describe them. It’ll take a while.”

But he saved the best for last and in the end couldn’t stop gushing about his new boss.

“Chance is exactly like the man you’d picture him to be, as a family man, business man, and friend, so instead of another biography, the last thing I’ll note is possibly my favourite quote from my entire trip with him. He once forgot to put on his signature ‘3’ cap before a show in the second half of tour, and as his assistant Colleen reminded him of it he turned and said with an insightful smirk, “you know what’s funny? If I didn’t put this hat on tonight, there would’ve been a Complex article by tomorrow rationalizing exactly why I didn’t wear this hat”.

What more can I say? What makes him such a great person is his understanding that while many of us care to sensationalize the few shreds that we get may get from him, he can better use his influence to spread the type of community-boosting positivity & joy that he is now so well known for.”

All that is really left to say, once more, is thank you, Chance.”

If only we were all so lucky.

Photo: Instagram