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Maurice Symonette, a Black man seen holding a “Blacks For Trump 2020” sign at President Donald Trump‘s rally in Arizona last night (Aug. 22), is connected to a personally-run website of the same name. Symonette’s website is an off-the-rails collection of rambling thoughts, including accusations that Cherokee Indians were the true slave masters among other weird observations.

TMZ reports:

It was an absolutely bizarre scene … the guy Donald Trump’s people strategically placed behind the President at Tuesday’s Arizona rally with a sign that read “Blacks for Trump 2020” is the president of the group, and he believes “ISIS & HILLARY RACE WAR PLOT TO KILL ALL BLACK & WHITE WOMEN OF AMERICA.”

The guy’s name is Maurice Symonette and he was having a good ‘ol time Tuesday night at the rally. His website is one gigantic rant, with such statements as, “Make Cherokees & the Indians Pay Taxes.”

We’re not even going to link to the guy’s website but trust us when we say there’s nothing good that will come from it.

UPDATE: It appears there’s more to Symonette, AKA “Michael The Black Man” than meets the eye. According to research dug up by the folks at Heavy, Symonette has been seen at several Republican rallies in the Florida region.

He was also a member of the Yahweh Ben Yahweh cult and was charged by not sentenced in a conspiracy for two murders as a member of the group. Symonette claims he’s not on any GOP payroll and has financed his particular brand of support for the party all on his own. Adding to the zaniness of this all, Symonette once claimed that President Barack Obama wanted to murder him and has a seething hatred of all things Hillary Clinton.

In the tweet below from local journalist Jim Sharpe, you can check out Symonette’s expert cooning during Trump’s speech.

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