No doubt the boss at Millionaire Entertainment is salivating over all the press coverage of his latest brainchild, “Thuggin It & Lovin It.” A seemingly unending media juggernaut lead by traditional media outlets as well as new media representation has set the streets abuzz, igniting sales of the video that were never expected. As the Notorious B.I.G. famously said, “Mo money, mo problems,” as quickly as copies are flying off the shelf, they could force some people be flying into the clink.

Pressure from outraged citizens has forced Louisiana authorities to create a pan of action against the underground phenomena, with parish authorities deciding that identifying many of the people in the infamous “gangsta” documentary would be the best method to quell the public.

“Thuggin It & Lovin It” features a number of menacing many self-proclaimed gangsters, performing actions that are meant to show what their environment is like on a daily basis. Law officers are specifically targeting everyone that fired weapons in the film, specifically, several men that brandish firearms on camera only to release a barrage of gunfire into the air recklessly. One of the most infamous gun-firing scenes was shot at the infamous Brandywine Condominiums which has served as the back drop for at least four firearm-centered murders in the last three years.

As interesting as the footage shown in the video is, the case is actually one of speculation. “We are looking into whether any laws were broken on the video, said Cpl. L’Jean McKneely. Laws that might have been broken in the video include firing a weapon in the city limits, possession of illegal drugs and felon in possession of a firearm.”

Verlon Route, en employee of Millionaire Entertainment has adamantly expressed that the video was made for entertainment purposes. The video even has a disclaimer at the beginning of the video stating that “all events, situations and props displayed on this DVD are performed by professional actors. This DVD is for entertainment use only.”

Usually a successful mean of blame-dodging, Millionaire Ent.’s tends to fall short due to one slightly suspicious overcite: there were no names of any actors listed in any of the film’s credits.

With copies flying off shelves at the rate of nearly 100 DVD’s at a time, there is no denying that the people are feeling a connection with “Thuggin It’s” gritty content. But as art often imitates life, is it the morally just thing to do by promoting a sub-par lifestyle while showcasing the finest in heathenism and gangsterific splendiferousness?

At Millionaire Entertainment, the shuckin’ and jivin’ never stops, and the people will lose another generation that it cannot afford to misplace; all in the name of a buck. Let the hootin’ and high-kickin commence, as the 21st century minstrel show kicks into high gear, producing nothing but the highest quality in new age coonery…

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