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Remember the Tamagotchi? We are sure a lot of you don’t but for those who do remember the electronic pet you walked around with and took care of, it is coming back.

Bandai is celebrating the gadgets 20th anniversary and will be releasing a smaller version of the original Tamagotchi. The brand hopes to peek the interest of those who still live in the past as well as capture a new audience with the special anniversary Tamagotchi. That may prove to be a challenge since you can basically do the same thing on your phone by just installing an app now.



To refresh memories, Tamagotchi owners basically had to make sure they paid attention to their virtual pet. It would let you know when it was hungry, bored or lonely, your care and attention determines what creature your Tamagotchi grows to become. If you forget about your Tamagotchi it will die and you will have to start over.

The new Tamagotchi will be 20 percent smaller than the original, but will still function like the classic. Bandai announced today (Oct. 10) that the Tamagotchi will be sold in limited quantities, so if you’re looking to purchase one you better be swift.

The Tamagotchi is available for pre-order now and will cost a very affordable $14.99 when they become available this fall.

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Photo: Bandai