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Tyrese still has dreams of being an MC. He has announced he is working on a new Rap album that is inspired by Jay-Z.

Well where do we start? The actor took to social media to confirm he is bringing back his Black Ty alter ego for a new Rap project. Even more peculiar is that the album is inspired by arguably one of the greatest lyricist of all time. He then took things even further by stating the release will change the game forever. No seriously.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Tyrese divulged that Identity Theft, a double album by the way, will embody Jay-Z, Tupac and Dr. Dre all in one fell swoop. Don’t believe us? Check the post below.

Don’t believe us? Check the post below.

Later on, the soul crooner went on to preview an unfinished track which he explains is an early reference of a BlackTy record featuring Future.

While it is too early to pass judgment on whether this project will be download worthy, he already has some industry insiders praising the project. Tyrese posted a video of radio personality and former Yo MTV Raps! host Ed Lover giving Identity Theft its props.

As of now the album does not have a release date but knowing Tyrese he will keep us posted every step of the way. For his sake this better be good or The Rock and Black Twitter might implode with neverending slander.

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