Ciera Rogers first crossed our paths a few years ago when her Babes and Felines fashion line was just getting off the ground. We’re welcoming the rumpalicious Houston native and Los Angeles resident back as our latest Baes and Baddies feature.

Rogers, now 28, is far more than a pretty face with and an H-Town booty. Holding a degree in Public Relations, the future fashion maven had dreams of working in PR or marketing ahead of making a move to the West Coast. After building up an earlier brand of vintage clothing, a skill she learned from her mom who also sold vintage wear.

With her Babes and Felines line gaining traction and her thunderous backside and thigh situation, Rogers has amassed over 2 million followers on the ‘Gram thus far and growing.

Check out Babes and Felines boss Ciera Rogers below and on the following pages.

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