If you’re in Brooklyn, the price of your kush habit might spike. The cops seized 97 pounds of marijuana along with $931,000 in cash from a BK apartment. 

Reports the New York Post:

Cops uncovered 97 pounds of marijuana and nearly $1 million in cash at an apartment in Brooklyn — after being invited inside by the tenant, police said.

The stash was found Friday night inside a residence at 899 Montgomery Street, according to officials.

Investigators from the Jersey City Police Department had asked the NYPD to aid them in the search for an individual, who was believed to be staying at the apartment, before the bust went down.

When officers arrived, a different man answered the door and allowed them to come in — despite there being large amounts of pot sitting around in plain sight, police said.


The cops arrested the three people in the apartment after spotting the ganja. The apartment’s residents, Humphrey Olivo, 36, and Yazmin Olivo, 30, were reportedly both hit with criminal possession, criminal sale, and criminal use of marijuana charges. The other man, Jose Pichardo, 28, caught criminal use of drug paraphernalia, criminal possession and criminal sale of marijuana charges.

The authorities aren’t even sure if these three know the man they were initially looking for.

Somewhere, the connect is pissed.

Photo: NYPD


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