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The saga of Lil Waynes reported now show at the second annual Fall Ball concert in Columbia, South Carolina is still ongoing and court documents are adding new details to the mystery. If true, the Young Money boss’ refusal to pass through a metal detector at Colonial Life Arena was compounded by the fact he needed to use the bathroom and went elsewhere to do so.

In a lawsuit brought by the Fall Ball concert promoters against CLA and the venue’s owner the University of South Carolina, court affidavits unveil the happenings of when Wayne arrived at the arena on Sept. 30. When a rep for Weezy against officials at CLA if the rapper could use the facilities, he was refused expedited entry and had to go through the same security screening process as everyone else who rocked that night. has more:

The arena’s staffing and security manager’s account of his encounter with Lil Wayne’s representative and the black SUV appears in a series of affidavits submitted in the lawsuit of concert promoters against Colonial Life Arena (CLA) and the University of South Carolina, owners of CLA. The affidavits paint a clearer picture of the events that unfolded on a night that has many concertgoers still wondering what the f!#k happened.

According to a statement by Lexie Boone, the arena’s senior assistant general manager, who was also on site that night, Lil Wayne declined to enter (holding tight to his bladder? keeping his bowels burdened? or maybe letting the spinach stay in his grill?) because the rapper refused to get a pass from a handheld metal detector, the kind often used by cops at special events or courthouses to check people for weapons.

Concert promoters have a different take. Victory Pernell of All for One, Inc, one of the promoters named in the lawsuit, says the security for the night was at the discretion of the promoters — that their contract with CLA was silent on security. The promoters and CLA agreed at an earlier date to have a walk-through metal detector, known as a magnetometer, and that hand-wand metal detectors would also be deployed — but that using the devices was the call of the promoters.

So, Lil Wayne on his superstar ish or was the CLA being a little too security-minded?