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Are you up on Rich Chigga yet? If not then you’re in luck. Vulture recently spotlighted the star turned rapper in a detailed feature.

Born in Jakarta, Idonesia, Rich grew up learning English through YouTube tutorials. With a decent understanding of the language under his belt he gravitated towards social media. At 16 he built a following on Twitter and Vine as comedian. But it wasn’t until he tried his hand at rapping when he started to realize his niche.

In February 2016 he released his first single “Dat $tick”. Wearing a very tiny pink polo shirt, shorts and a fanny pack the visual proved that the transplant had a unique sense of humor that translated to thousands of views— and also fostered many cries of cultural appropriation with an unsanctioned use of the word “ni**a”.

Laughable pen game and cornball approach aside, Chigga continues to flourish. The video has over 73 million views to date and has afforded him the opportunity to headline his own American tour. You can peep the feature in its’ entirety here; if you care.

Via Vulture

Photo: Rich Chigga / YouTube Screen Cap