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Just days after Joe Budden and Raekwon had their incident on the Rock The Bells Tour, Mickey Factz is providing an eye witness account of what really happened. He explains in a video that Raekwon approached Joe Budden in a peaceful manner…at first.

“Rae came in on some peaceful Shyte at first….he dapped everybody. He dapped me, he dapped Joe, he was dumb peaceful….took a seat. When he took a seat, that’s when everything changed. He wanted to talk about the video that everybody’s seen me in with Joe Budden.”

In that video, Joe offers an apology to Method Man that lead them to squash their beef at the Rock The Bells tour stop in Boston. He does however add that if anyone had anything slick to say, the beef would continue.

Mickey Factz added that he did not see when Joe Budden got hit but was ready to retaliate.

“Next thing you know I didn’t even see the punch, I just heard it. I heard a punch and I was like, oh Shyte. Aight so it looks like ni**as is gonna be fighting today. That was my initial thought. Alright, I’m gonna be fighting a ni**a that I grew up listening to…that’s crazy.”

According to Factz, the retaliation never happened because the two were outnumbered.

“It was six of them and they were just asking us questions after that. They recorded it. They was asking us questions about the date and they was just on some, “Yo, prove to us that this video was done before Jones Beach. The video was done in Boston….If a ni$#a come at you, you gotta defend yourself whether it’s Raekwon, whether it’s Jay-Z, whether it’s Nas, n$^as that we listen to. I just feel like, Shyte was crazy. One of the six dudes did punch Joe. It was six versus two man….I did think that was a sucka move man. Joe did not get knocked out, I think he barely felt it.”

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