XXL Freshman Class alum Mickey Factz recently spoke to HipHopWired about his upcoming projects and long awaited debut. The Brooklyn MC said,

“I got a couple of songs coming and a couple of video games that are gonna do really big. Also I got a project that I’ve been working on that’s supposed to be dropping in October or November that’s gonna be real, real crazy. I can’t give too much but it’s gonna be backed by a very big company and the album is coming next year and I can’t stress that enough. It’s called The New Museum. It’s gone be crazy. I got Chester French on there, Bobby Ray is on there and it’s gonna be real big.”

With several mixtapes under his belt but no real product out, Mickey Factz seems to be following his classmates as the anticipation continues build and Asher Roth and Ace Hood being the only ones to release major label projects. Mickey stated,

“Asher is not the only one to put an album out actually. Currency actually put an album out and I was on that album, it did pretty good. Cudi’s album is dropping in another two weeks and Wale is dropping in four weeks. My album is coming out next year. I’ve really been taking my time because I feel like art takes a little time for people to really grasp on to. Not to mention I am doing a whole bunch of other deals because I feel like the game is changing. And when the game changes you need to change with it because if you don’t change with it, you gone be left behind so that’s what I been doing right now. Also Ace Hood put out an album too so I think half of the class did their thing and I think this coming up year everybody is gonna continue to do their thing.”

Mickey Factz also received some flack a few weeks ago from Warren G who questioned why Mickey stood there as Joe Budden was assaulted by Raekwon and crew. The Long Beach Hip-Hop veteran made several comments via Twitter that you’re supposed to go down swinging with your homeboys, win or lose. Addressing the comments, Mickey said,

“I mean it’s really no comment about that situation. I feel like Warren G had his comment. He said what he had to say and God bless him. I hope he continues to do what he does and I’m still fan of Warren G as well as Raekwon and Slaughterhouse and make sure ya’ll pick up all their albums.”

Switching gears quickly and getting back to what he knows best, beats and rhymes, Factz also revealed that it’s time for music to start enlightening and teaching again.

“Lyricism, that’s all that Mickey Factz is about. I grew up in the school of lyricism so I feel like I gotta continue to bring it forth when it comes to Hip-Hop. Music in general, a lot of people need to start listening to the lyrics and stop being confused by what’s out there right now. It’s nothing wrong with that type of music but you also need to partake in some type of knowledge and that’s where I come in at.”

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