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Michael Jordan has apparently passed down the entrepreneurial genes to his 24-year-old daughter Jasmine Jordan, who added her flair and touch to the venerable Air Jordan brand. The eldest of Jordan’s three daughters debuted a new sneaker aptly titled “Heiress” but explains in an interview with ESSENCE that the name of the sneaker is far more than a title she wields as part of basketball royalty.

ESSENCE writes:

Settling into her new role as brand representative in the Charlotte, North Carolina area for Jordan Brand, Jasmine debuted the Air Jordan “Heiress” XI, a feminine take on the classic shoe. And let’s just say, we’re definitely adding them to our Christmas wish list.

“The Ones and the Elevens have always been my favorite Jordan sneaker,” youngest child of the world famous hooper and his ex-wife, Juanita Jordan told ESSENCE. “Our design team loved the fact that the Elevens are already an iconic shoe based off of my dad’s history with it. They wanted to create a more feminine design and give consumers an extended girl’s size. With this design, people get a shoe that’s elevated luxury and a holiday season shoe that is very elegant, clean and classy.”

And as explained in the article excerpt above, the Heiress is indeed a classic looking shoe with just the right touch of flair for the ladies who love rocking Js but want something that compliments their look without looking like straight hoopers. For Jordan, the term heiress shouldn’t be limited to its dictionary definition or gender norms.

“I just want to people to understand that as corny as it may be, anybody and everybody can be an Heiress. Heiress isn’t just true to it’s actual definition. In all actuality everybody can be an heiress because it is just another form of being a boss,” Jordan told ESSENCE.

Right on to that.

Check out some images of Jasmine Jordan’s Heiress XI Retro sneakers below and on the following pages.

Photo: Instagram/@mickijae

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