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Alabama voters came out in droves to help decide a tightly-contested U.S. Senate seat race between Democratic candidate Doug Jones, and his Republican counterpart, Roy Moore. With Jones victorious, poll results are pointing to Black women as being the necessary edge to gain the win and a #BlackWomen hashtag has been revived.

As noted by Twitter Moments, early polls from The Washington Post note that 98% of Black women voted in favor of Doug Jones. While the total number hasn’t been tallied in full, most analysts are siding with the idea that the Black vote pushed Moore out of snagging the seat.

Adding to the developments, considering the national climate surrounding men in power and sexual misconduct, Moore has several allegations of pursuing underage girls swirling about him at the moment. The unfavorable press that came as a result of the accusations was no doubt a factor as well.

We’ve collected some of the Twitter reaction to Moore’s loss and how Black women may have been the tide turner for viewing below and on the following pages.

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