Russell Simmons has been dogged by recent claims of sexual assault and rape by several women, which prompted the business mogul to remove himself from the spotlight in connection to his various holdings. After initially acknowledging the concerns raised, Simmons hit back with a strange campaign which appears to be aimed at clearing his name although the approach seems misguided.

TMZ reports:

TMZ obtained this image of Simmons taking the polygraph Wednesday in the L.A. area. Russell’s camp says it was administered by a national leader in the field of polygraphing. We’re told he was asked a series of questions about the allegations made by Khalighi.

You’ll recall, she claims Simmons forced her into performing oral sex on him — back in 1991 when she was 17 — while director Brett Ratner sat and watched.

According to Simmons’ attorneys, Michael Sterling and E. Carlos Tanner, Simmons passed with flying colors, and plans to repeat the test for allegations made by 4 other women. They say Russell will release all the results once he’s completed the tests.

The outlet goes on to reference the #NotMe hashtag created by Simmons, in where he says he’s not trying to upstage the #MeToo movement but instead keep defend his name against the accusers.

The polygraph situation seems extra all on its own, but the #NotMe hashtag rings as a touch insensitive given what has been revealed in recent months by those who were victimized. Simmons might want to let his legal team handle the public chatter and fall back to silence as he said before.

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