Nicki Minaj found herself on the end of a barrage of criticism after she posted then deleted an Instagram post where she shared a post of charting rappers, pointing out the success of white rappers in the process. Fans chimed but the Queens superstar clapped back on folks in her unique fashion.

The post was captured in a screen grab by DJ Akademiks and other outlets, with Minaj’s post listing of iTunes’ top 10 list. In the list, Eminem, Post Malone, G-Eazy, NF, Macklemore, and Machine Kelly occupy much of the chart with Migos’ “Motorsport” single featuring Minaj and Cardi B among that list.

“It’s a great time to be a white rapper in America huh?” Minaj posted. When the criticism began to swell, Minaj updated her original posted and slammed “dick riders” and said, perhaps jokingly, that she wants to sign a white rapper to her label before ending the salvo by calling the fans who flamed her “sensitive ass ig thugs.”

According to The Shade Room, at least one rapper among the ones that caught the strays from Minaj wasn’t phased as Post Malone followed the IG account where it all started.

We’ve shared what’s been captured so far below, along with comments from Twitter on the following pages. Be sure to expand the tweet below to see all of what was said.

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