Henry Wofford, a Black sports reporter for Bay Area outlet KRON4, took part in an insensitive roasting of Sean “Diddy” Combs and his aims to own the Carolina Panthers. During the on-air segment with his white co-worker, Wofford went for the low-blow and suggested Diddy was high and drunk which Wofford’s white co-worker and anchor Darya Folsom found a little too hilarious.

“He looked like he just smoked a blunt and drank a 40,” Wofford said after Folsom played a portion of Diddy’s Instagram video although of an image of the mogul in a suit was shown first.

Initially, observers thought that Wofford was a white man making the comments about Diddy. However, the heat became too much on social media especially as Folsom, whose Twitter handle was on display during the segment, began getting flamed and it came out that Wofford was indeed Black.

Wofford penned an apology via the KRON4 website, saying that his comments were meant to be a joke.

“Although it was said in an attempt to be funny, I realize insinuating a person may be drunk or on drugs is nothing to joke about. For that I sincerely apologize to Mr. Combs, his fans and everyone who was offended,” Wofford wrote.

He went on to say that he wasn’t playing up racial stereotypes although it doesn’t make sense how he’s suddenly saying that a Black man is high on 40’s and blunts is meant to be seen any other way but racial.

Twitter users spotted the jig off the top, and we’ve shared some of the commentaries below and on the following pages. Don’t worry, Henry Wofford will be back to tap-dancing with a top hat and hard bottom shoes this morning per usual. And please do not forget that Folsom, in between her laughing fit, asked what Diddy does for a living. Yeah, she’s been catching deserved hell since Monday.

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