Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson might come off as a tough guy, but all that seems to melt away around his youngest child, Sire. The G-Unit boss has shared a number of photos of Sire’s visit to New York for the holidays, including an adorable video of the plucky kid trying to work his dad over to get his Christmas gifts a few days early.

Fif has been sharing images of Sire’s holiday travels with pride, and last night’s (Dec. 19) video might have been the topper. In the video, Sire asks to get a peak of his upcoming gift haul but 50 Cent put his boy to work. Instead of giving in to the cuteness, Fif told Sire that he’ll offer a peek at the gifts but only if he gives Dad a back massage.

Gamely, Sire launches right into masseuse mode which causes 50 to break out into a big grin.

Check out the video of 50 Cent and Sire having a little fun in the clip below along with other images on the following pages.

Photo: Getty

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