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If you can’t you use your iPhone X safely in Los Angeles damn where the hell can you? That’s what some proud iPhone X owners were probably saying after they were gun butted and robbed of their precious smartphones.

Well, the good news is the violent iPhone theft ring has been busted by the LAPD so it’s a lot safer to pull out your iPhone X again in public.

Gotta keep your head on a swivel at all times.

Sources reported to TMZ that the LAPD had been keeping tabs on two men — Ricardo Vivas and Bryan Escobar — whom they believed were preying on unsuspecting civilians lost in their phones thanks to evidence gathered. The two iPhone sticky bandits would pull off their robberies by pointing a rifle at their victims before making off with their phones. Some victims were even gun butted before the thieves made off with their $1000 prized possession.

Well damn, all that for a phone?

According to sources, the iPhone thieves were connected to a theft ring that would specifically target the newer model iPhones and send them to Turkey, Russia and El Salvador for resale and could not be traced by the authorities.According to TMZ, the two men are both in their early 20’s and one of them have even participated in a carjacking.

Now what made the LAPD decided to move in on the two is even scarier, according to sources cops saw them loading a sawed-off shotgun into a vehicle.


TMZ learned that three men were arrested but the third guy was released due to lack of evidence. Authorities are still looking for another man whom they believe was involved in the robberies. The D.A. will be filing carjacking and felony robbery charges against Vivas and Escobar today.

Yikes, we just want to say to those folks who become oblivious to their surroundings while using their phones out in these streets be safe and stay alert.

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