Not that Doris Burke needed a Q-rating boost, but it certainly spiked when Drake asked the pioneering sportscaster out for a dinner date in 2016 to which she agreed. In a new interview with Complex Sports, Burke reveals that Drake hasn’t made good on their dinner but it doesn’t seem like it’s out of the question just yet.

From Complex Sports:

What performance, individual or team, has surprised you the most this season?

One team that I don’t think is being talked enough about is Toronto. I could take the easy path and talk about Houston because that’s obviously a major storyline and I am buying what the Houston Rockets are putting down. I believe they are a legitimate threat to Golden State. That said, the team no one is talking about right now is Toronto. They’ve changed the way they’re playing. Kyle [Lowry] and DeMar [DeRozan] are moving the basketball, they’ve bought into the analytics to the NBA’s portion of thinking which is layups and threes are most valuable. Their young people off the bench are playing terrific. There’s a lot of like up north. I don’t have them in person I think until February but I can’t wait to see them in person.

Dinner with Drake never happened, right?

It did not. I have to say, I have not yet had an opportunity to tell him this, but he did make my life a heck of a lot more fun there for a few weeks. So I would send a shoutout to him for that reason alone. He’s usually out of town when I come in [to Toronto].

Drake says that Burke is an inspiration for him whenever he takes the sideline at Raptors games.

Okay, Drizzy. Now it’s your move.

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