Azealia Banks is hoping to end her 2017 on a positive but also litigious note, this after some recent Instagram posts gave fans and observers some insight. In a now-deleted post, Banks threatened a lawsuit in 2018 against Wendy Williams and in another post, she apologized to Beyoncé.

After Williams suggested not so slyly that Banks might be a prostitute, Banks took the jab harder than expected. On Christmas, Banks posted a meme of Williams with the caption, “The last five years taught me when you’re an Azealia Banks stan, you can make it thru anything. TOUGH AS STEEL… Wendy is getting sued top of 2018.”

In the post towards Beyoncé, which was also deleted, Banks expressed that she lashed out at the singer for “feeling left out.”

“Beyonce, I apologize for throwing tantrums in the past. They totally came from a place of feeling left out. You’ve inspired so much of the way I think about/value you myself as a performer and I ADORE you. Your presence in the art world and on earth is supernatural and and am so so so inspired by you. YOU DESERVE THE BEST. You deserve the finest things in life AND FINEST ART the art world has to offer,” Banks wrote.

In music news, Banks is gearing up for new music in 2018, including a feature on her artist DMV rapper Paperboy The Prince’s “WarCry” single.

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