It’s only been a few seconds since Joe Budden left Complex’s Everyday Struggle and already a new guest host’s opinion has rubbed a famous Hip-Hop star the wrong way.

In a recent appearance on Everyday Struggle, Apple Music’s Carl Chery spoke on the success that Chance The Rapper found as an independent artist and though Chery had nothing but kind words for the Chicagoan, he did fear that Chance’s underdog story would inspire other potential artists to try going the same route only to fall flat on their face.

Calling the Chance an “anomaly” and saying that his success in the music industry is “misleading,” Carl stated that “Now you have all these other aspiring artists thinking you don’t need a label. Chance is special, he’s charismatic, he’s smart as hell, he’s just special.”

DJ Booth caught wind of Chery’s opinion and posted an editorial which basically co-sign’s the Apple Music’s opinion stating things like “It’s easy for young, independent artists to see Chance’s late-night performances, his sponsorships, and his awards, and to assume that all of that can be attainable for them too, but watching someone’s every move and trying to follow in their footsteps doesn’t guarantee success.”

The entire argument didn’t sit well with the Grammy award-winning artist and he took to Twitter to clap back on that notion only to end up in a back-and-forth with DJ Booth on the subject. We’ve got the discussion below and on the following pages between Chance and DJ Booth.

Good points were made, but where do you stand?. Sound off in the comments section.


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