It seems Jay-Z is making a public apology to Beyoncé for the world to behold. Hov is seen confessing to his wife in a new video.

In a new clip posted by the official Tidal Instagram account, a teaser of the “Family Feud” visual shows Jay entering a church with his daughter Blue Ivy. Spliced in are shots of what can only be assumed to be Jigga (peep the gold chain) fornicating with a white woman (Becky perhaps?).

As the trailer progresses Beyoncé is seen wearing all black in what is most likely supposed to be a female priestess ensemble. New York’s God MC goes on to sit in the confessional booth with Queen B sitting on the opposite side.

The thirty-second clip ends with his bars from the first verse stating the obvious “Nobody wins when the family feuds”.

#JAYZ’s “Family Feud” x 12/29 x #TIDAL:

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The full video is slated to be released today at 4:44 PM but this half minute preview already has Twitter in a tizzy. You can see some of the best reactions on the following pages below.

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